Local Sightings

Overheard at the local Panera restaurant “If you fold the $20 bill the right way you can make it look like the twin towers… And you can make it look like the Pentagon, too.”


This is totally geeky, but I’m adding this entry with my new Hiptop Sidekick. An Update: Mena Trott has also taken the $49.00 Sidekick offer from Amazon. I didn’t get mine from Amazon, but found a T-Mobile booth in the Mall that would honour the lowest competitor price with the added comment from the manager […]

Links to Take You Into 2003

Librarians are amongst the most actively web literate people on the web, after web designers of course, and they are often found sharing their views on their own pages. Some of the most interesting I’ve listed here: Librarian.net Librarian X — this one is really strange. Observations From the Front Line Since I’m talking about […]


On Sunday Jake and I took an old and indelibly stained matress to our local dump. The twin matress had dark stains on either side that spanned the entire width of the cloth. We’d been wanting to get rid of it for some time and when Jake’s parents offered us a twin matress they had […]

Browser Detection

There has been some notice of late that sites using browser detection scripts have been requiring users of Mozilla to download a ‘modern browser’ such as, maybe, Netscape 7. And as we all know Netscape 7 is basically Mozilla in drag. There has to be a way of faking out the user agent string so […]


ASP.NET training this week. Intense ASP.NET training for that matter. I’d admit to not being much of a programmer, if I would admit to being a programmer at all. My thought process is too loose; too accustomed to looking for solutions at the tip of the needle. Programming language structures are too confining for my […]


This article in The Morning News is a pretty good summary of the types of things that went on in the lives of many dotcom employees and it reminded me of my own dotcom experiences. A few years ago I was swept into the dotcom craziness when I accepted a job with a small consulting […]


Birthdays are basically there to make you feel bad when no one calls or wishes you a happy one… Update: Utimately, however, my birthday was a one happy due to one person. One lesson relearned and I’m not trying to be cynical here, but I should know better to look to my employers as a […]

Long Hot Summer

Update Status We realize that we haven’t been as actively posting as we should be, but the dog days of summer have hit us hard. DC has been amazingly hot this summer with Code Red Ozone Action Days almost every day and yes, kids, Code Red is a really really bad thing. To top it […]

Light Text on a Dark Background

Not that we’re complaining , but we’re not sure why anyone would choose to put a normal weight light coloured text over a dark coloured background. A notable offender that we’ve noticed recently is Metadesign1. We would like to note that our poor eyes are not what they once were so for the sake of […]

Are You a Geek?

I am 24% Geek according to the Geek Test at fuali.com. My 24% is less than Jake’s 40%, John’s 39%, the same as Sarah’s 24% and more than Susan’s 18%. If anyone is actually counting. Update: Not being entirely satified with the fuali.com Geek Test results John and Sarah have taken it upon themselves to […]

John Has Geek Leanings

Since James Traficant1 has now been expelled from Congress and is most likely on his way to jail we thought John’s searchable archive of James Traficant one minute speeches was very timely. This is especially true since less than 24 hours after his expulsion Traficant’s own web site had been removed and the speeches have […]

Japanese Ice Cream

Ice Cream is a mainstay in our house on these hot summer days, but we’re going to avoid the ox tongue or the eel flavor and stick to vanilla. Thank you very much. We’ve found ourselves thinking about how interesting it is that the Japanese adapt western style food to their own taste, much like […]