Building in Dupont Circle

I spent part of Saturday drawing some of Dupont Circle’s lovely old buildings. I think the majority of the building in the Circle are of the Federal Style, but I don’t know that for sure. They all have terrific architectural details that are nice to draw. I’m still having some difficulty with perspective, but have been using a straight-edge to figure out the angle.
While drawing I sat in a nice little park right next to the Q street entrance drinking a diet Vanilla Coke. Unfortunately, I have a habit of putting Coke bottles in my bag without not sealing the bottle top first and more than once I’ve had Coke all over the inside of my bag and everyhing in the bag including my sketchbook.


Capital Losses: A Cultural History of Washington’s Destroyed Buildings

For those of you thinking that there’s no rhyme or reason to what I draw, you have it pretty much right. Although taken as a whole you might find some connection between everything. Mostly I draw what strikes me or sometimes what is available. The later happens when I’m stuck someplace and bored like the DMV drawing. Now that I’ve mentioned DMV Google Ads will continue to serve me tons of DMV record search ads and the cash will roll in. This drawing was from a pretty cool book
with photos of the buildings in D.C. that no longer exist.

Pole – Drawn While Waiting to get Car’s Oil Changed

One of my coworkers, a fellow Canadian, told me that she had a hardbound blank book that she wanted to give me. She had bought the book at a sale, but was nervous about messing it up with her own drawings. I took the book from her, but gave her a different sketchbook in return. Then I had an idea to do some drawings in the book, but then I would give it back to her as a kind of a gift. So I’m busy filling the book with new drawings of the things that have been interesting to me lately like this telephone pole and I have just done another of our cat Yoshi.

Nothing Overheard…

You might have noticed that I haven’t been writing comments on the tail-end of entries recently. That’s not because I have nothing to say, but because I have too much to say. Sometimes it gets that way where you have been reading and thinking about a lot of different things, so much that you can’t form cohesive thoughts to write down via the keyboard.
I didn’t do the Sketchcrawl as I had planned this weekend. The weather didn’t cooperate so we stayed home and watched the rain fall onto the skylights in our condo. If you’re one of those, and you’ll know if you are, you’ll say “why didn’t you draw stuff around the apartment?” or “why didn’t you brave the rain anyway?”, the simple answer is that I am not one of you. Well, ok, I am sometimes, but I wasn’t this weekend.
This drawing, I bet you’re glad that I’m finally getting around to this drawing, was done on the bus to the Metro station on Friday after work. I had originally titled it Woman on Cell Phone or some such thing but, I changed it to Nothing Overheard… because she wasn’t one of those people who talk extra loud on her cell phone and thus I didn’t overhear any of the call. The title seemed a lot more clever ten minutes ago – honest.

New Sketchbook

Sometimes it’s difficult to get a new sketchbook going because you don’t want to sully the fresh white paper. Of course once you have a drawing in place and finished, one that you are happy with it’s like it should have always been this way.
These days I’m finding it easier and easier to add splotches of color to a drawing. Drawings never seem complete if I don’t paint on them. I’ve gone through so much trial and error to get to this stage. I still don’t think it’s quite what I want yet – paint still gets muddy when I try to correct problems with more layers of paint. I’m improving though, I can see that and more often than not I like the outcome.

Metro Faces

Last week I spent a couple days travelling on the D.C. Metro and so to pass the time I drew a couple of the people that I saw. I love this kind of guerrilla sketching because you’re forced to make all kinds of decisions about the person’s face without appearing to stare and make it obvious that you’re drawing them.
Update – I’ve been thinking a lot about the figure on the right side of the page – the figure that’s half not there and I really am pleased with the merge of the abtract and real of this figure. I am so please that I may explore this further.

Pre-Columbian Statues

One of my new favorite museums on the Mall in D.C. is the National Museum of the American Indian. We’ve been there a few times now and I think we’re starting to find some favorite places in the museum to meditate and draw. The wall of pre-columbian statues is one of those places for me and judging by all the people who stopped and blocked my view it seems like a special place for many people.


This morning a quick watercolor of a banana I had sitting on my desk. We like bananas in our house, but we often don’t get to eat an entire bunch before they turn completely black. That’s when Jake declares that it’s “banana bread time” and sets to mushing up the bananas for his yummy banana bread. This banana here will make it to my tummy before it’s “banana bread time” again.