Light Text on a Dark Background

Not that we’re complaining , but we’re not sure why anyone would choose to put a normal weight light coloured text over a dark coloured background. A notable offender that we’ve noticed recently is Metadesign1. We would like to note that our poor eyes are not what they once were so for the sake of […]

Are You a Geek?

I am 24% Geek according to the Geek Test at My 24% is less than Jake’s 40%, John’s 39%, the same as Sarah’s 24% and more than Susan’s 18%. If anyone is actually counting. Update: Not being entirely satified with the Geek Test results John and Sarah have taken it upon themselves to […]

John Has Geek Leanings

Since James Traficant1 has now been expelled from Congress and is most likely on his way to jail we thought John’s searchable archive of James Traficant one minute speeches was very timely. This is especially true since less than 24 hours after his expulsion Traficant’s own web site had been removed and the speeches have […]

Japanese Ice Cream

Ice Cream is a mainstay in our house on these hot summer days, but we’re going to avoid the ox tongue or the eel flavor and stick to vanilla. Thank you very much. We’ve found ourselves thinking about how interesting it is that the Japanese adapt western style food to their own taste, much like […]

Underground Books

I recently ordered a couple books about the London Underground from and I thought I’d share. I haven’t got the books yet so I’m not sure if the books are up to your standards — you fussy bastards. 1. Mind the Gap – I think this is full of photos of the unique and […]


I used to look at the expansive loops and the long swishes of the cursive of classmates in school and wish that I could write like that too. I was one of those kids who would revert to printing, but not because I didn’t know how to produce cursive letters, but because printing letter forms […]