Friday Night Model

For the past three weeks my Friday nights have been occupied by live model sessions that take place at the Smithsonian Institution in D.C.
The class ends at 9:30 p.m. Friday night after the commuter buses have stopped running to our neighborhood and so we’ve been taking the car to work to allow me to get home (which I really appreciate!).
Before the class even started we had decided that since D.C. is the seat of government Friday would probably be an easy commute because people either take the day off or come into work late.
Every other day of the week we try to catch the morning bus and travel on the subway – first one way in the morning and then the other way in the evening. It doesn’t always work out especially if we watch a movie late or generally stay up past our bedtimes.
So, on Friday mornings we hop into the car for a big treat and drive through D.C. metro traffic first to Jake’s office and then I continue with the car to my office. Having the car can be a big boon out here in the end of the line Metro land; for instance I can drive into town for a good lunch or I don’t have to pretend to ignore the person staring at me in the seat across the aisle in the train.