From the Sketchbook

Lately, I’ve been working in purely black and white and only sometimes using color for emphasis. I’m especially liking dropping large amounts of black ink onto a drawing and especially the randomness of the shapes that come from that. I used a large Sumi brush here to place the ink.
I used a photograph I found on the web for the reference for this drawing. Jake told me that the man in the picture doesn’t look like the original and attributed that to fact that I’m working on a flat surface and that’s distorting how I’m seeing what I draw. I will probably look into getting some type of angled drawing board in the future to help against this.
The girl was a quick addition to the drawing, but I really like how her scarf shading and the folds in the fabric look.
This is a closeup of the edge of the large ink area. I really like that it is a very random pattern inset into a very controlled illustrative type of drawing. There is also a small sketch of a gnome and the name Rien Poortvliet because I was looking for information on the web yesterday about this artist.

The final drawing doesn’t quite work, but it all adds up to development of my style.