Woman on the Train

Finally, I’ve gotten back to posting a new entry here. A lot has kept me busy and unfortunately away from DK. As I explained in an earlier post I got laid off from my job in September and I immediately set to work to find a new full time gig. Fortunately, I got tons of interviews which took much of my time plus I had a couple other freelance projects to occupy the rest of my time. One project that Jake and I just launched and are very proud of is the redesign of Danny Gregory’s web site. It’s amazing to work with someone as creative as Danny and I hope we get more opportunities to work together.
For the new job I’ve got an one hour commute on the D.C. Metro and so far that’s not bothering me at all since I have time to do a lot of different things like draw the people on the train and listen to podcasts on my iPod. Generally the person sitting next to me notices my drawing and comments on the drawing which pleases me since I’m something of a narcistist. Not really, but it is nice to be recognized for something that you do.
Which brings me to the new job. There is a world of job satisfaction out there that I never experienced in my previous job. Nice people, management who care and being that I’m in D.C. a non-profit that all equate to feeling extremely happy and ready to get my mojo back.