Input Freak – Apple Ergonomic Keyboard


I got one of these jointed “ergonomic” keyboards that Apple made in the 90s for my Mac SE/30, but the SE went kaput for no discernable reason about a year ago, and I haven’t had a chance to get it working again. They show up on eBay occasionally (like this auction that ends tomorrow [relisted!]), but they’re “Apple Desktop Bus” devices, so they won’t plug into your Mac Mini or your PC.

Unless, of course, someone were to make an adapter. I’ve ordered the iMate from Griffin Technology so I can try Apple’s original ergonomic as my daily use keyboard (and maybe someday use it in a Mac Mini disguised as a compact mac). I can forsee one problem already – the Escape key is one of those tiny rounded buttons along the edge, not a real key, and being a hardcore vi user, that might slow me down. Whatever the outcome, I’ll report to you soon with my opinions on the iMate and whether daily use affects my carpal tunnels…

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  1. I used an Apple ergonomic keyboard on my Quadra in 1998. I got an Apple Extended Keyboard II (the legend) off of eBay in 1999 and that was my main keyboard until I got a PowerMac G4. I still have the old Ergonomic.
    Like you, I’m a hardcore vi user. You get used to the escape key on the Ergonomic. I always prefer a full-size key right at the top left corner of the keyboard – easy to hit – but I got used to the little round button.

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