Hi everyone.
I guess you might be wondering why I haven’t posted anything in a little while. Well, I’ve been really busy. with what you might ask, well first of all my department was dissolved and I’ve been looking for work. I wanted to find something new anyway, but this was a little earlier than I expected. In the meawhile I’ve been doing freelance gigs, soon to be announced, which are keeping me really busy.
I have been sketching though. I’m taking a class Saturday mornings at the Smithsonian called “Working en plein air.” It’s turning out to be a great class and the instructor is helping me break down many of my notions of drawing and painting and make art that’s more complete. Good stuff.

2 replies on “Update”

  1. I HAVE wondered where you were! I’m so sorry about the job situation and I hope you find something you like very soon. It’ll be fun to hear about your freelance work. And also fun to see what you’ve been doing in your Saturday group–what a GREAT idea! I wish we had something like that here. Maybe I should start one ;D

  2. i too have wondered where you have been, totally missing your weekly/biweekly watercolors that are so so so inspiring. can not wait to see your work from the saturday class!

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