Pole – Drawn While Waiting to get Car’s Oil Changed

One of my coworkers, a fellow Canadian, told me that she had a hardbound blank book that she wanted to give me. She had bought the book at a sale, but was nervous about messing it up with her own drawings. I took the book from her, but gave her a different sketchbook in return. Then I had an idea to do some drawings in the book, but then I would give it back to her as a kind of a gift. So I’m busy filling the book with new drawings of the things that have been interesting to me lately like this telephone pole and I have just done another of our cat Yoshi.

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  1. wow Trish, I love these! really love the way the top one is so beautifully composed across the two pages, and the lovely negative space of the second with your beautiful lively linework! what pen do you use, you get a great variety of line weights with it!

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