Nothing Overheard…

You might have noticed that I haven’t been writing comments on the tail-end of entries recently. That’s not because I have nothing to say, but because I have too much to say. Sometimes it gets that way where you have been reading and thinking about a lot of different things, so much that you can’t form cohesive thoughts to write down via the keyboard.
I didn’t do the Sketchcrawl as I had planned this weekend. The weather didn’t cooperate so we stayed home and watched the rain fall onto the skylights in our condo. If you’re one of those, and you’ll know if you are, you’ll say “why didn’t you draw stuff around the apartment?” or “why didn’t you brave the rain anyway?”, the simple answer is that I am not one of you. Well, ok, I am sometimes, but I wasn’t this weekend.
This drawing, I bet you’re glad that I’m finally getting around to this drawing, was done on the bus to the Metro station on Friday after work. I had originally titled it Woman on Cell Phone or some such thing but, I changed it to Nothing Overheard… because she wasn’t one of those people who talk extra loud on her cell phone and thus I didn’t overhear any of the call. The title seemed a lot more clever ten minutes ago – honest.

3 replies on “Nothing Overheard…”

  1. nice title and artwork
    you captured a rarity it in the washington, dc metro area… since i don’t have a cell phone i am so annoyed by them…

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