New Sketchbook

Sometimes it’s difficult to get a new sketchbook going because you don’t want to sully the fresh white paper. Of course once you have a drawing in place and finished, one that you are happy with it’s like it should have always been this way.
These days I’m finding it easier and easier to add splotches of color to a drawing. Drawings never seem complete if I don’t paint on them. I’ve gone through so much trial and error to get to this stage. I still don’t think it’s quite what I want yet – paint still gets muddy when I try to correct problems with more layers of paint. I’m improving though, I can see that and more often than not I like the outcome.

6 replies on “New Sketchbook”

  1. I have the same new sketchbook & painting conumdrums. Really nice sketch & great use of colour. Prespective can be so tricky with buildings for me, but not for you I see!

  2. Josie,
    Perspective can be diffcult. I had a little problem with it in this drawing where some of the line didn’t quite connect, but I figured it out and corrected my lines before I got to the paint stage.

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