Prionus Imbricornis

I was inspired by Niff’s beetle drawing over at InkFinger to draw this guy. One of the great things about artistic communities is how we constantly inspire one another to try new things and see things differently.
I found the original photo for this drawing at the Living Jewels web site and after some reflection I decided that there were a number of things I didn’t like about the drawing.
* The apparent flatness of the image. Because the original photograph was from the top down the insect looks very flat and two dimentional.
* The color is flat and rather ugly. I’m still struggling with color in my drawings. Here I think that the pen and ink work was too distracting and took away the luster of the paint.
* The pen and ink work is too heavy handed.
* A good work of art always starts with a good drawing; I think I missed the mark here and didn’t give myself enough time to get a drawing I was happy with before i started painting.

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