Coke Machine

Lately I’ve been boring, I go to work and go home. For me this generally leads to being creatively blocked. Today I took a small step towards breaking free of the funk and went to lunch at the small deli next door that don’t usually go to. I drew this Coke machine. Sometimes all it takes to break free of funks is to go somewhere new and out of the ordinary. It doesn’t have to be a radical change, but just a small change will usually do it.

One reply on “Coke Machine”

  1. Boy do you have me down to a “T!”I, too, have been blocked artistically! Work, Home, Bed, Work… I started my own Blog after a webfriend of mine ( ) did. She said she would make herself submit art weekly to her blog…that way she would keep the creativity up and running.
    I really LOVE the thought of trying different things. I travel for my job to a different state almost every day. I make my own hours…there is loads of possibility in this!!!

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