Retro Gaming

Jake has been finding his way back to the old Atari 2600 platform. He’s been buying old games, buying new games, and has been developing his own idea for a game. I don’t pretend to understand what this is all about; I know it must be cool, but in a really geeky way. I’ve been trying to draw an accurate representation of an Atari joystick with varying results.
The drawing is wrong, by the way, because the fire button should be in the corner of the base.

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  1. Hi Hon,
    It’s also inaccurate because the Atari joystick is centered in the square base. And there’s a crosshair imprinted around the flexible part of the stick, with or without orange paint.
    I still think you should do a large-scale version and print posters. You have no idea how big the market is for this!

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