Sketching Yoshi with a Kuretake Brush Pen

This weekend I decided to dig out my Kuretake brush pen and I did some sketching with it. I’d just finished reading Carnet de Voyage by Craig Thompson in which he talks about using brush pens, so I was feeling particularly excited by the idea of using a brush pen just then.
The pen itself feels very nice and flows smoothly across the paper and if you’re accepting of ‘mistakes’ and can work with them the results can be quite nice. The only drawback is that the ink in the cartridges isn’t waterproof so you can’t layer watercolors on after the sketch is done. So it really is a trade-off between a more complete painted drawing and a gestural sketch.

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  1. Peaceful? Yoshi? If he looks peaceful in this drawing, I’m pretty sure it’s only because he’d been tearing around the house all day at nearly the speed of sound… =o)

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