3 replies on “A Metaphor for Solitude?”

  1. I’ve used the Pentel Color Brush (the colors include black), a similar but cheaper pen with a larger nylon brush nib. I’ve refilled the cartridges with waterproof ink using an old syringe (dad’s diabetic). They were cheap enough that I didn’t care if I ruined them with the waterproof ink, but they lasted a long time, enough to refill a several times. I’ve also used them as dip-brushes and with acrylics when I needed a sharp line–they are like really great sumi brushes.
    They sell them here:
    I’m only a very occasional reader here–was going through some links I’d saved a while back and re-found you today. Lovely drawings!

  2. Left the browser open on your site when I wandered off to do some stuff here (sorry–I shouldn’t do that–I forgot to click it shut), and realize when I see it again that I posted to the wrong entry–I meant to tell you about the Pentel brushes with the kitten drawings.
    The boat is lovely, too. It would make a nice card illustration.

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