6 replies on “Report Terrorism!”

  1. Good catch! I saw that this weekend but didn’t have time to whip out my camera. Also I needed both hands for fending off the Al Queda spliter cell operatives. And I was being tailgated by Saddam Hussein.

  2. As dangerous as it is to drive while talking on a cell phone, I’m more terrified of recreational terrorist-spotting on I-66 than I am of more conventional terrorism.

  3. Hello,
    Nice shot. Do you mind if I link to the image on my blog (low traffic). I’d love to make a comment on the image, especially in light of the impending hands-free cell law.

  4. (report if you see somebody using their phone while driving…)
    on the subway here we have posters that just say:
    If you see something,
    do something…
    or at least his is what i remember…
    and so I try to do something as soon as i see something…

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