Middle of the Road

My whole town in rural, prairie ridden Canada has been completely photographed by Google for their Street View product. Good for a homesick gal like myself who can’t actually bring herself to shell out the cash for a plane ticket home. This one image is fascinating and to me looks like a Winogrand photo.

Dock on the Potomac

Spent some time hiking and enjoying good company in Fort Washington, MD. I also achieved a gash on my leg, which I’m told, should have been stitched, but I held off the doctor visit until it had already started healing. The drawing was done after the fact, from memory, so it lacks the details I […]

Grain Elevators

Once a fixture of every small town in the Canadian prairie, these classic buildings have been disappearing with the advent of cheap and convenient transportation options. Seeing these buildings reminds me of a place that is now far away in both distance and time.

Happy Birthday Lauren

A quick card for a coworker’s daughters sixth birthday. I was told later that Lauren carried the card in her hands all evening and was amazed that it had her name on it. When I make a card from someone I always write that it was handmade specifically for them and I hope that as […]

Sometimes the Sky

Simply an ink wash over a sketchbook page. The Hand-made sketchbook pages are generally thick enough to handle water without buckling, but in this case I must have used a lot of water. Oh well, I love the effect of ink thinned out into a wash and it’s too bad the paper couldn’t handle it.


Sunglasses on my desk in the mid-afternoon. Later in the evening while I was installing Leopard and had the sketchbook open to this drawing. The little cat, Akari, was on my desk and I noticed her swiping at the drawing with her paw. I’m not sure why she did this, but it’s interesting to think […]

Delfosse Winery

Some studies that I made while we were at a little winery outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. A study in my usual pen and ink style. Loose lines, some detail, but I wanted more. A second study where I was just intending to draw the far mountain. There’s lots and lots of little lines here making […]

A Classic Pose

This image on Flickr is so classic and touching that I had to draw it. The photo was posted by Mark Michaelson who published, Least Wanted, a terrific book that collects many more early century mugshots. Highly recommended.

Robert Johnson, Part III

There seems to be only two images of Robert Johnson online–the one I used as a reference for my previous drawing and the one I used as a reference for this drawing. So iconographic, yet so elusive. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Robert Johnson: Robert Leroy Johnson (May 8, 1911 – August 16, […]


A few months ago, when my commute was sometimes over three hours long, I was heavily into watching video on my iPod. I’d watch everything from Lost to 30 Rock to The Office. Jacob wasn’t so much into Lost or The Office and I never gave him a chance to like or dislike 30 Rock […]