Book Apart



I noticed this abscess in my recent book the other morning. To be sure I knew the break was happening, but this complete unbinding was a shock. A shock because I’ve only been carrying it around since September, it’s been carried half way around the world to Turkey, but still.

Middle of the Road

My whole town in rural, prairie ridden Canada has been completely photographed by Google for their Street View product. Good for a homesick gal like myself who can’t actually bring herself to shell out the cash for a plane ticket home.

This one image is fascinating and to me looks like a Winogrand photo.

Dock on the Potomac


Spent some time hiking and enjoying good company in Fort Washington, MD. I also achieved a gash on my leg, which I’m told, should have been stitched, but I held off the doctor visit until it had already started healing. The drawing was done after the fact, from memory, so it lacks the details I like. I think the spot deserves more attention and I hope to be back soon to sit and draw in real time.

Grain Elevators


Once a fixture of every small town in the Canadian prairie, these classic buildings have been disappearing with the advent of cheap and convenient transportation options. Seeing these buildings reminds me of a place that is now far away in both distance and time.